What if I’m having difficulty logging in?
You can use the Password Reminder feature on the log in page to reset your password.  This will send you a temporary password to log in with, then you can change your password to one of your choosing.  Alternatively, contact your account manager.

How can I change my password?
You can do this by selecting Change Password from the top menu and entering your old password, new password and a confirmation.

I’ve accidentally selected the wrong User Site when logging in, can I change this whilst logged in?
Yes, you can easily change this by using the dropdown box at the top of the page to select your correct site.

What if I don’t see the product(s) I am looking for?
You can change what products you see. Please contact either you in house administrator to request any changes, or your account manager who will make any requested changes.

Can I add users?
Yes, you can use the Request New Account option on the Log in page to request new user details.  Alternatively, send the details of the new user to your account manager and they will get them set up on your account. 

Can I delete users?
Yes, send the details of the user you would like deleted to your account manager and they will have them deleted from your account. The deleted user will then no longer be able to use the system.

My report has been returned showing there are documents still to follow from Companies House, why is this?
Some documents may not be available electronically from Companies House.  These will need to be requested from Companies House by our researchers and scanned through.  You will be sent these documents via email as soon as we are able to obtain them from Companies House.

I have a large amount of searches to undertake, will I need to order each individually?
We offer a Bulk Order Upload service.  You can input all your company names and numbers into our bulk order template and this will instantly upload all the companies you need to search to our system, saving you from ordering for each company individually.  This feature is available for Company DocPaXTM, CompanyCheXTM, CompanyCheXTM Analysed and Company CourtCheXTM.

If you need a bulk service for any of our other products contact our Helpdesk on helpdesk@legalinx.co.uk

Can I alter the format of the Bulk Order template to suit me?
No, the forms submitted must be in the default format otherwise it will not be accepted by the system.

I require a specific International search service that is not listed under the jurisdiction I require, how can I obtain this information?
Our experienced International researchers are always on hand to find the information you need from the most reliable and up to date sources.  Simply contact our Helpdesk with your request and our team will conduct the necessary research to find this information for you.

Why can I only get an Express Company CourtCheXTM report between the hours of 10:30am and 4:00pm, Monday – Friday?
This is to work in line with the opening hours of the Companies Court.

If you have any further question about using our ordering platform, please contact your account manager.