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Document Packages 

Find out everything you need to know on the recent changes and what's included in our updated packages.

People of Significant Control Information

Following the introduction of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015, from 6th April most companies, LLP’s and SE’s formed in the UK are required to hold a register of people with significant control.  Since 30th June this information has been required to be reported to Companies House as part of the new Confirmation Statement.  The overarching policy objective of the register is to reduce crime and improve the business environment to facilitate economic growth through enhanced corporate transparency.  It will therefore form an important part of research on a Company.

Election to keep information at the central registry

All elections made or withdrawn to keep information at the central registry for a company’s books are included in LegalinX7Side packages where relevant.  We include full details of the history of elections and any withdrawals and include copy documents.

Confirmation Statement

The Confirmation Statement was introduced on the 30th June and has resulted in a reduced administrative burden on companies.  However, it has made the role of company research more complex as it has removed the requirement for a company to file information which was traditionally found within the Annual Return.

The Confirmation Statement only includes:

  • The company SIC code
  • A change to the matters including in the company's last statement of capital
  • A change in the shareholders' information
  • A change in the information in your company's PSC register (a copy of this information must be provided in its entirety the first time you file a confirmation statement)

Changes that must be notified outside of the Confirmation Statement

  • Company's registered office
  • Company's directors (appointments, terminations of appointments and director's details - e.g. service address, surname, etc.)
  • Company's secretary (appointments, terminations of appointments and director's details - e.g. service address, surname, etc.)
  • Location of the company's register (i.e. whether they are kept at the company's registered office or at a single alternative inspection location (SAIL)

LegalinX-7Side Company Document Packages

Our document packages have been amended in line with all the above legislation changes which affect the compilation of the complete and accurate company information that is required.  Our packages include the new filing requirements brought about by the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015, plus any changes made to a company's filing history between the last Annual Return and the first Confirmation Statement. We recognise the importance of this new information so you can be assured that all our document packages will include all necessary information and documents that you need in one package.

LegalinX-7Side Researcher Compiled Packages

Our Researcher Compiled Packages are carefully compiled by our expert research team, who will source the information from up to four repositories, including all documents detailed above from Companies House, ensuring our clients receive complete and up to date data.  Filing discrepancies, if found, are detailed on the front page along with a summary listing of contents.  Our Compiled and Analysed Packages, which undergo a stringent reviewing process from our researchers, also include any insolvency/dissolution proceedings on file at Companies House and any other significant information you require.

Here at LegalinX-7Side, we have an extensive range of predefined document packages, created to give our clients the flexibility to choose what they require.  Every package ordered on our user friendly ordering platform is delivered to you in a bookmarked PDF within your selected service level time scale. 


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